Things You Must Struggle While You Are On Keto


We are well aware of the popularity and efficiency of the Ketogenic diet. Apart from helping you get a perfect body shape, the keto diet is also a popular way to enhance immunity and strength. So, whether you are looking for a perfect weight loss diet, or searching for a diet that can help you live a healthy life, the ketogenic diet will be an ideal choice for you.

There are plenty of health benefits that you can achieve by choosing the keto diet for yourself. And if you are looking for the best results, relying on the keto diet will be a great option for you. However, as a normal human being, there is a lot of things in this diet that will be tough for you to adapt while starting the diet. However, these are the essential parts of the diet and you must follow them to get the desired results.

In this article, we are going to talk about those things that you are going to struggle with while following the keto diet. If you were planning to start the diet and aren’t aware of the diet completely, then we will suggest you go through the article to know whether you should follow the diet or not. This article will make things easier for you and let you decide whether you can follow the diet for a long time, or not. By going through this article, you will be able to decide wisely whether the keto is the right choice for you or not. So, instead of blindly following the keto diet, be calm and read the articles to know the struggles that you are going to make through the diet plan.

Foods to avoid

Like any other diet, the keto diet also has some restrictions on your meal and amount of daily carb, fat, and protein intake. The ketogenic diet is a low carb diet and you need to skip all your favorite food like Bread, Pizzas, and fruits like dates and resins. In case you continue eating them as normal, the carb intake will also increase and you may be kicked out from the ketosis. So, make sure to completely ban eating the food items with higher carb values.

Another thing that you should be aware of while following the keto diet is protein intake. The protein regulates sugar and insulin levels in the body. Make sure that you are taking a limited/required amount of protein to stay inside the boundary of ketosis. Enhanced sugar levels can easily stop the ketosis and you may not get the desired results. So, if you are craving more protein and aren’t comfortable with the diet which limits the protein intake, probably the keto diet is not your cup of tea.

In any case, you should consult your dietician about the diet and then make your mind whether you can follow the keto diet and live with the diet’s restriction or not.

Common health issues you need to struggle with while following the keto

Like any other diet plans that restrict to eat certain food items, the keto diet may also have some adverse effects on your health. As the keto is a low carb and high fat intake diet, you may find some fatigue and dizziness in your first few weeks o diet. Your body may adapt things quickly, but if you constantly getting the conditions, then you should talk to the dietician about the health conditions.

Another issue may be related to the sugar/protein intake during the diet. The keto suggests a limited intake of the protein and glucose level, which may cause feel you dull and lack energy. IF you are not comfortable with it and experiencing some serious health issues due to this, you should ask the dietician for the alternatives. Also, keto is not recommended for users who are suffering from type 2 diabetes as it may worsen their problems.

These were some of the common issues faced by the persons undergoing the keto diet. Although it may seem normal to some users, some can find them hard to deal with. So, make your call after taking a few days’ trials, and if you are okay with the restrictions and the temporary health issues, you can continue keto for the full time. However, if you are consistently getting health issues, then we will suggest you withdraw the keto and follow some other diet by consulting your dietician according to your health conditions.


Keto is an effective way to lose weight, but it is also essential that your body may or may not react at the same pace as your friend or another person who has started the diet plan with you. So, the first rule of thumb is not to compare your progress with others. Each body reacts differently to a diet, and you may get results at a slower pace. Just follow the diet completely and you will soon experience the results.

The great thing about the keto diet is that along with a permanent weight loss, your body is going to experience various other great things that you may not get while following the other weight loss diet plans. So, if you are looking for a reliable diet plan with lots of benefits, the Keto can be the right choice for you, but at the cost of your favorite foods and lifestyle routine.


In all, there is a lot of things that may look tough to follow while you are on keto. However, compromising with your comfort can lead you to a better life and a better body. SO, it is up to you whether you are ready to make a compromise for a better life, or not. As far as our suggestion is concerned, we will suggest you try it for a few days, and the improvement will motivate yourself to act wisely.

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